why we share our Essbase secrets

we'll gladly share our Essbase secrets with you

Every time it hurts, when we see teams struggling to implement or support an ill-designed EPM solution. We feel the frustration when long Essbase processing hours force teams to work in the weekend and when small changes in the application require weeks of preparation. You are not alone: we have been there too!

But over the years as consultants we discovered the Essbase secrets on how to make smooth running implementations. What you need is a good understanding on how Essbase works, a sound design pattern and the right building mindset.

For us, the Essbase beast has turned into a lovely pet and we want to want that to happen to you too.

what’s in it for you

Through our blog, our trainings and coaching we share all our Essbase secrets with you, no holding back, so you can grow to become the Essbase expert for your organization and step-by-step change the existing solution into a smooth running insights creating machine.

You can start now already requesting a free expert advise. Let us look at your current planning solution and provide you with actionable advise, ready to be used.

who we are

Arthur van den Berg - biography

Hi, I’m Arthur van den Berg and I am thrilled to be part of stresslessbase.com. With over 16 years of Essbase and Planning experience and dozens of Essbase related implementations I am bursting with skills and knowledge I would like to share with you. I love Essbase and I love to solve complex financial problems in Essbase, Planning & Budgeting, HPCM and PBCS in such a way that the solution will keep on running smoothly long-term.
Hi everyone, my name is Andrea Leandri and work as an EPM consultant across the Benelux and UK. I was born Essbase specialist with the newer generation of Oracle solutions and have a planning mindset. While I can get nerdy and really enjoy taming this "wild" calculation engine I grow prouder when my customers see the whole solution as superior.

Andrea Leandri - biography

what we stand for

  • we love Essbase

    it’s incredibly powerful and fun to solve complex financial problems with

  • we love to train others

    so they become better professionals in skills, knowledge and attitude

  • we love to help out

    and make Essbase based solutions a success for everyone

our core values on Essbase solutions

  • Essbase secrets should be shared for use
  • complex problems should always be implemented as easy-to-use solutions
  • an end-user should be protected from making basic mistakes
  • an Essbase based solution should deliver high value for the stakeholders …
  • … and have a minimal footprint on the supporting organization
  • if an Essbase process can be automated, it should be automated

    what you can do today

    We believe that you have made the right choice when you selected an EPM tool based on Essbase.
    To help you get the most out of your investment we have set up a questionnaire to request our expert advice. If you are new to Essbase or you are a seasoned veteran, we think we can provide tons of value for you.

    what others have to say

    • In 2016, we made the decision to migrate our on-premise Hyperion Planning tool to PBCS. We contacted a potential partner that had experience on FDMee and PBCS. In addition we contacted Arthur, who helped us in several CPM projects in the past, for quality assurance. Initially we had some doubt whether the size of Arthur’s company would be a problem with regard to availability and knowledge.

      Now that we are live in 2017, I can assure that this doubt was totally unfounded. The level of professional PBCS and Essbase expertise Arthur added to the project was a key success factor for the final go-live. In addition, we really liked the financial flexibility he offered in solving our issues and helping us in professionalizing our processes. End May this year, being content with the results, we signed a yearly fixed price support contract.

      I can recommend Arthur and his colleagues warm-heartedly to any organization that is looking for professional and flexible support on their Essbase and PBCS solutions.
      Hans van den Berg, Business Controller at Technical University Eindhoven
    • Andrea completed all projects successfully well within the stipulated time. In addition, I have personally received much guidance and knowledge transfer so for me it was a very successful cooperation. Furthermore Andrea clearly identifies and warns for potential future issues, has an admirable work ethos, always willing to help and nice to work with: double thumbs up from my side”

      Planning & Control Specialist, Utrecht area
      Andrea was very good, translated our wishes into an IT solution which was much smoother, user friendly and most important correct and no unexpected errors. He thought of improvements that we didn’t think about ourselves as well. He thinks along! and a great link between our business and our IT departments. ”

      Business Controller, Rabobank
      Arthur has helped us at a large Hyperion Planning implementation for an international telecom provider. In his role as Essbase specialist Arthur demonstrated that he indeed is one of the most experienced Essbase consultants in The Netherlands. Not only his EY project co-workers, but also the client team members and project manager recognized this.

      With a flexible attitude Arthur was always available to help us achieving project deadlines when needed and always made time to coach the junior project team members.

      I have really enjoyed working with Arthur and hope to work with him again in the future.
      Michiel Hilberts, Director at EY Advisory

    what is our background

    To read more about us, check Arthur’s bio and Andrea’s bio.