quick stress relief service

This service is for you if:

  • You and your team are facing issues with the performance of Essbase
  • There is a pretty huge stress level in your team
  • You need quick resolutions pretty much right now
  • You want expert knowledge and no locked-in consultancy

For a fixed price we will guide and coach you to the start of a stress less Essbase solution. Our “quick stress relief service” will take you through the following process:

  • intake

    In the intake process we will have an exploratory interview with you and optionally your stakeholder(s). We will find the answers to the following questions: What is causing you all the stress? Where are the pain points for you and your organization? What are the blocking processes? And what is the order of importance if there are several of these points? The focus will be mainly on what you and your organization experience when using the solution.

  • quick assessment

    Based on the results from the intake, we will dig deeper into the issues with you to isolate the parts of the application that are likely to cause the issue(s).

    One part will be a quick scan of the solution following a predefined process. Together with you (the administrator) we will check the detailed settings and structures of the Essbase engine. The other part will be you collecting detailed durations of the (sub-)processes (we will learn you how to do that).

    The outcome of the quick assessment is a document with the results of the quick scan and our recommendations for improvements. For each recommendation, we will indicate the potential stress relief including our estimation on the amount of effort to implement it in the current system. We will discuss the document and our recommendations with you and together we will document the steps to take to bring the Essbase stress levels down.

  • implementing quick-wins

    Getting real results, implementing the quick-wins from the assessment. We help you execute our recommendations. On fixed intervals we discuss progress and guide you to move forward to a stressless Essbase solution.

    By implementing the recommendations yourself (with us at the side) you will experience that you can gain control over your Essbase solution again. And with that you and your team will gain expert knowledge, experience and trust.

  • stress relief on your Essbase solution

    The first stage in the stresslessbase solution.

As a result of our quick stress relief service you get the following information products: a quick assessment document with our recommendations, including the implementation roadmap … and lots of expert advise, hands-on practical knowledge and of course a better working solution.

compare this service with alternatives

The most standard way in Essbase land for solving performance issues is hiring an external agency or consultant. If you do so, this is what is going to happen: The consultants will — obviously — find things that need to be changed, but you have to hire them for a certain period of time. Results will not be guaranteed. And only after you have spent a considerable amount of money you can find out if the solution is performing a little bit better. Please compare that to our offering below:

our service
quick stress relief

  • fixed price offering
  • range € 3,500 – €8,000
  • you learn the concepts of a stress less solution
  • you learn how to apply the changes on the current solution and how to keep it working long time
  • you will apply the quick-wins yourself on your solution
  • and you get get help and hands-on practical knowledge when you are stuck


compared with
hiring a consultant

  • hourly rate offering
  • range € 30,000 – €80,000
  • the consultant will apply its tricks and hopefully they provide relief
  • you will not learn the “why” and the “how” of the changes (these are considered “trade secrets”)
  • once the consultant is gone, you are on your own again

When you compare it this way, it is almost a no brainer not to ask for the “quick stressrelief service”, isn’t it?

not sure what to do?

Let us have a look first at your current implementation and we will tell you the next steps to take. It is totally free, no obligations and already loads of value for you and your team.