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In “our motivation” by Arthur van den Berg

Why a new Essbase blog? We have hesitated for a long time to start this blog or not. There are already so many useful blog posts on Essbase and Hyperion products (for a list click here). Who needs a new one? … read on for the answer.

priceless Essbase nuggets

In this Essbase blog, we — Andrea and Arthur — want to share some priceless “nuggets” we found during our 35+ years of combined Essbase (related) consultancy (and still counting). The posts will focus on Essbase design for Hyperion Planning and PBCS implementations; as Essbase design is one of the most important “make or break” topics in your EPM project. Especially when it comes to performance.

Essbase has really surprised me. Despite my expectations, it is still around after all those years … and “rocking”. With Oracle’s cloud offerings that lean heavily on Essbase (PBCS, ECCS, FCCS and more CS’s to come) Essbase has evidently moved forward by Oracle as the strategic solution to enterprise performance for the coming decade.

Never expected that to happen … but really glad I had the opportunity (and chose to go along with it) to get acquainted with Essbase in 2001. What a bumpy interesting ride it has been!

Essbase blog posts disclaimer 😉

The Essbase blog posts on this site reflects the opinion of the posters only (that’s mostly us). Unless told otherwise, it is not approved (at least not formally) by Oracle. Just judge each contribution on its own merits. In any case, we have had lots of benefit from implementing the tips-and-tricks and the Essbase best practices in our own implementations and performance improvement projects.

If you find benefit in one or more of the tips, tricks and “secrets”, please let us know. We would appreciate that dearly.

our ultimate goal of sharing knowledge

Finally, our goal with this Essbase blog is to improve the quality of Essbase models and thereby contribute to more sound running Hyperion Planning and PBCS implementations that exceed clients’ expectations. Away with mediocre implementations and instead: more success stories for Oracle EPM! ‘Cause ultimately, more successful implementations lead to more clients, a bigger market and more challenging, fulfilling and stress-less Essbase work.

Stressful work, we have all been there. Stress less work; that is our goal. There should be plenty of it, for you and me.

Happy reading, happy building fast running planning solutions, happy stress less Essbase life!

about the author

Arthur van den Berg


I love the calculation power of Essbase and the financial problems you can solve with it. I have developed, implemented and improved dozens of EPM solutions with Essbase at its core and I love sharing what I learned with professionals that need to build and/or support these solutions.

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