get hands-on Essbase training

This training is for you if:

  • You have been working for while with an EPM solution that uses Essbase
  • You want to get a better understanding of business rules and/or Essbase calculation logic
  • You want to learn how to write scripts that do not need to create blocks in advance
  • You want to learn about implementing complex financial logic like allocations and elimination in the most efficient way

Training details:

  • on request on-site or at a training location;
  • tuned to your specific learning needs;
  • it is even possible to get trained on your specific solution.
  • duration: 2 days.

students’ feedback

Was very pleased with Andrea’s pleasant style of knowledge sharing. He’s capable of explaining technical topics in language understandable to the businessPlanning training, 2016
Arthur is good in explaining the complex subjects by visualization and the use of examples. There was enough room to ask questions. The tutorial and practice material is very useful and help me to test things out in on Essbase training, 2017
Andrea takes care for a good atmosphere and is fun to work together with, he can link business and IT very well and think along for improvements. My experience was very good!End user training, 2016
Although I have already experience with Essbase and Hyperion Planning, the training was really valuable. In particular the part on allocations was a refresher; how to setup the allocations and how to make them smart and more advanced.

Arthur has a very nice style of explaining things. If he notices he’s going too fast he will step back and patiently explain it (again).feedback on Essbase training, 2017
Prior to the training I had next to no knowledge on the subject. Arthur explains the concepts in a very clear matter and provides relevant examples. I enjoyed Arthur’s small impromptu “quizzes” which ensured that everyone truly understood the core concepts

I can confidently say that I now have the right foundation to continue growing my knowledge in Essbase.another feedback on Essbase training, 2017
I have personally received much guidance and knowledge transfer from Andrea, so for me it was a successful cooperation. He’s always willing to help and nice to work with
Essbase student, 2015
It has been a real pleasure learning more about Essbase from the guru himself. The topics covered were really relevant to my work and I will definitely be applying the knowledge I gained during the sessions.

I find him a great person, very friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to share his “Essbase wisdom”.another student, 2017

not sure what to do?

Let us have a look first at your current implementation and we will tell you the next steps to take. It is totally free, no obligations and already loads of value for you and your team.