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Have you ever been in a team that was halfway their Oracle EPM project and just discovered that the underlying database, called Essbase, did not perform at all? It is astonishing how fast a good project vibe can turn into a toxic atmosphere.

You might be tempted to add additional machine power. And of course, that will help a bit. But that’s mostly temporary. Remember, Essbase is a multidimensional database, right? Bad performance grows exponentially.

What you need is someone with the guts to stand up and learn about good Essbase design and get it over with. That is, someone that fixes the root cause: bad Essbase design. And you know what, that hero could be you! On this site we share our precious “nuggets” on how to improve existing Essbase and PBCS implementations and how to avoid design mistakes in the first place for new implementations.

Is that difficult? Isn’t Essbase very hard to learn?

Well, it does take some time but it is certainly no “rocket science”. With the proper “design patterns”, a bit of reading on this site, a good advanced Essbase training and a hands-on coach at your disposal a rock-solid Essbase solution is also possible for your team.

We’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you, so you could become the Essbase hero for your organization.

On this websites and in our training and coaching sessions, we will share practical Essbase knowledge and tips-and-tricks based on the Dutch School of Essbase Design. These principles are based on over a combined 30 years of in-the-field Essbase experience. We are sure they will help you to create future-proof agile EPM solutions that have Essbase as primary database engine.

Of course, you can always ask us for a bit of advice, for training or just for an ear to drop your Essbase frustrations. We are sure we can draft out the steps for you and your team to a stressless Essbase project.
Prior to the Essbase training I had next to no knowledge on the subject. Arthur explains the concepts in a very clear matter and provides relevant examples. I enjoyed the small impromptu “quizzes” which ensured that everyone truly understood the core concepts

I can confidently say that I now have the right foundation to continue growing my knowledge in Essbase.student feedback from Essbase training, 2017

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Already there is a lot to be found in the Essbase blog posts. But to really master Essbase it is time to get your hands dirty. We’ll help you with clear examples and challenging exercises, tuned on your team’s needs.
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quick stress relief

If you are facing Essbase stress right now and you are looking for short-term resolutions. This is the service for you. Based on a quick-scan on your solution we provide you with we help you implement our recommendations short-term.
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Get hands-on expert help and advice on a regular basis, tuned to your specific needs and issues. We guide you how to make your solution stressless, step-by-step.
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I hired one of these guys, Arthur, for performance improvements at one of our clients. In his role as Essbase specialist he demonstrated that he indeed is one of the most experienced Essbase consultants in The Netherlands.Michiel Hilberts, EY
Andrea, is a true professional with a thorough collection of Essbase and Planning knowledge for performance tuning and cost allocation modeling.Business Consultant, Rabobank
Warm-heartedly recommended to any organization that is looking for professional and flexible support on their Essbase and PBCS solutions.Hans van den Berg, Technical University Eindhoven
Recommended to everyone who is looking to process improvements, increase application user friendliness, link business with ITBusiness controller, Utrecht area
Great guy always willing to help me out whenever I have a complex performance question on Essbase.Hans Bakker, Financial services area
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